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Full-stack Mobile Developer

The Full-stack Mobile Developer will be working closely with the CTO of CARA and the Product Design team to develop a fully functional application.

User Experience

UX Researcher

The primary goal of the UX Researcher would be to fully understand the users’ needs by conducting in-depth interviews, exploring consumer behaviours, pain points, and motivations, and working closely with Product Designer and Software Developer(s).

User Experience

Product Designer

As a Product Designer, you will be utilizing product design, interaction design, visual design, and prototyping skills to create delightful safety experiences for our users. As an integral cross-functional team player, you will be actively involved in the product design process from conceptualization to implementation.


Machine Learning Engineer

As a part of the engineering team, you'll be building algorithms for real-time audio analysis - mainly speech recognition, speaker separation, diarization, and speaker identification.