Machine Learning Engineer

Engineering | Part-time | Volunteer

Deadline: Ongoing


As a part of the engineering team, you'll be building algorithms for real-time audio analysis - mainly speech recognition, speaker separation, diarization, and speaker identification.


  • Comfortable programming in Python, some knowledge of JS and/or C++ would be a bonus.

  • Experience building and deploying models from academic papers/research using PyTorch or Tensorflow and any cloud framework.


  • Decent understanding of modern cloud infra/deployments.

  • Prior industry experience in AI Voice Recognition/Audio Signal Processing or research publications.

  • Experience working with/building scalable data pipelines like Hadoop or Spark.

Benefits and Perks

  • Mentorship opportunities with a Facebook Product Designer and senior mentors with past experience working at companies, including Amazon and Vision Critical

  • Optional participation in pitching competitions and start-up accelerator programs

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