Full-stack Mobile Developer

Engineering | Part-time | Volunteer

Deadline: Sunday, December 6 at 11: 59 pm PST


The Full-stack Mobile Developer will be working closely with the CTO of CARA and the Product Design team to develop a fully functional application.

What you’ll do:

  • Design and implement a cross-platform app using Flutter/React Native/Kotlin Multiplatform

  • Collaborate with the UI Team to develop and test UI components. 

  • Create/improve API endpoints on our Node.js, RabbitMQ, Python backend 

  • Participate in system design and code reviews


  • Must have previous experience with mobile development (Android, Kotlin, Flutter or any modern cross-platform framework)

  • Be familiar with git source control


  • Experience with automated unit/integration tests for UI/mobile 

  • Understanding of microservices architecture, containers and cloud computing services

  • Familiarity with AWS, MongoDB, Docker, CI pipelines (Jenkins, Travis) is also a plus

  • Passionate about women's personal safety and sexual assault prevention 

Benefits and Perks

  • Mentorship opportunities with a Facebook Product Designer and senior mentors with past experience working at companies, including Amazon and Vision Critical

  • Optional participation in pitching competitions and start-up accelerator programs

Come Work with Us

Please fill out this application below. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, you can contact us at hello@cara-app.ca


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