Meet Our Team

Learn more about our team and what we are working on for CARA.


Annie Chen

Annie manages the product lifecycle, marketing strategy, and UX design of CARA. Annie leverages her background in marketing and UX to uncover customer and user insights and execute go-to-market strategies.


Nicole is leading all business strategy and growth for CARA. With a background in operations and analytics, she manages the venture's operations and finances and creates the business model.



Nicole Huynh



Roshan is the platform and AI developer for CARA. He develops and maintains our services like AI models, backend microservices and this website.

Emma Sun

General Manager

Product Designer

UX Researcher

UX Researcher

Andrew Huang

Full-Stack Mobile Developer

Roshan Pawar

Leann Tse

With a background in marketing and psychology, Leann seeks to understand the user’s needs by exploring consumer behaviour and insights. Her goal is to ensure that all product design decisions benefit the user.

Andrew is the full-stack mobile developer for CARA. He develops and maintains the Android and iOS mobile apps, as well as the backend microservices.

Eric Jin Cheng

Eric spearheads the corporate relations strategy for CARA by leading the process of building strong relationships with external stakeholders. His goal is to ensure that CARA meets the needs of users by leveraging community resources.

Emma enjoys diving deep into problems to uncover empathetic solutions– whether that be through branding, illustration or interactive design. As one of CARA’s product designers, she aims to design an intuitive platform that provides assurance and protection for its users.

Joseph Merced

Joseph aims to gather user data to understand the pain points of our users to ensure that CARA provides the solution best suited for them. With a multidisciplinary background in psychology and computer science, he works toward gathering insights for inclusive and effective design.

Meet Our Mentors

Meet our amazing mentors who guide us along the way


Barry Inouye

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entrepreneurship@ubc Mentor

Former Director - Category Leadership @ Amazon Seattle & CFO @ Amazon Japan


Justine Gauthier

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entrepreneurship@ubc Mentor 

Senior Legal Counsel @ Mila - Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute

Lena (2).jpg

Lena Sesardic

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entrepreneurship@ubc Mentor 

Former Product Manager @ Vision Critical Innovation Lab


Tony (Dong Huan) Li 

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Product Designer @ Facebook