UX Researcher

User Experience | Part-time | Volunteer

Deadline: Sunday, December 6 at 11: 59 pm PST


The primary goal of the UX Researcher would be to fully understand the users’ needs by conducting in-depth interviews, exploring consumer behaviours, pain points, and motivations, and working closely with Product Designer and Software Developer(s).

What you’ll do:

  • Identify research goals and potential customers, create research strategies, and execute outreach activities with research groups

  • Design and execute interviews and surveys to deeply understand the experience of potential users, measure their experiences across touchpoints, and identify opportunities and methods to improve the quality of their safety experiences

  • Collaborate with cross-functional design and business teams on design processes, experience flows, and integrations within key community resources

  • Compile research findings into effective communication collaterals and lead weekly Product/UX meetings with the Product Designer

  • Provide the Product Designer with research context, perspective, and recommendations that will enable them to translate your insights into useful and delightful experiences

  • Assist the Product Designer in creating user personas, customer journey maps, workflow documentation, and UI design (if applicable)


  • Fluency in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies (e.g. interviewing, field studies, questionnaire development and survey research,  usability studies)

  • Demonstrated experience designing and executing research programs that impact user experiences, product teams, business goals and strategic planning  

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, persuasiveness, and the ability to make compelling group presentations  

  • Ability to develop creative approaches to researching complex user experience problems and tell our user’s stories

  • Strong interpersonal and listening skills, especially when handling sensitive topics related to personal safety


  • Education in behavioral or social sciences, such as psychology, human-computer interaction, marketing, cognitive science, sociology, anthropology or a related field  

  • Passionate about women’s personal safety and sexual assault prevention 

  • Passion or interest in working for a tech startup

Benefits and Perks

  • Mentorship opportunities with a Facebook Product Designer and senior mentors with past experience working at companies, including Amazon and Vision Critical

  • Optional participation in pitching competitions and start-up accelerator programs

Come Work with Us

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